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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Cat in the Hat - Dr. Seuss

Name: The Cat in the Hat - Dr. Seuss by Oceanhouse Media
Designed for iPhone and iPad
Designed for Android Market

Dr. Seuss. Need I say more? The reviews for this app were pretty stellar when I first looked into purchasing it. Not only did users give it high ratings but it also received the 2010 Parents Choice Silver Honor for Mobile apps. Basically, this is an ebook of the classic text, The Cat in the Hat, that also provides several options for viewing: read to me, read it myself, and autoplay. I began by exploring the read to me option. Here, a narrator reads the story aloud while the words are highlighted on the screen. The book also does some zooming in and out, similar to a video. Moreover, there is a feature that allows the user to tap on the pictures and words appears. So, for example, if the text says "something went bump", the user can tap on a picture of children appearing to jump out of their seats and the word jump appears.
Likewise the user can tap objects in the picture, such as The Cat in the Hat's bowtie, and the word bowtie appears. In the read it myself option, the user reads the book but still has the option of tapping on words to reveal the spelling. In the autoplay option, the book is read aloud, but the child doesn't have to turn the pages manually.
The Good: Parents and teachers can never go wrong with Dr. Seuss. These texts develop rhyming skills and are engaging and imaginative. This app is simple to use yet diverse for all types of readers from emerging to fluent.
The Bad: Does not have a lock feature for autoplay which could be a hazard for little fingers.
I give this app thumbs up. Oceanhouse Media also has several other Dr. Seuss texts available for purchase (some free options exist as well).

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