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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Name: StoryBuddy by John Cotant
Designed for iPad
Price $2.99

Story Buddy is another app that facilitates the process of writing and creativity. The interface contains a simple layout that allows the user to design a story book complete with text and illustrations.  For writing, there is a text box feature that pops up the keyboard, or alternately, users can also select from a rainbow of colored crayons or pencils to hand write as well as illustrate their story.  There are 15 pages and a cover for each book, although students do not have the utilize all of the pages. Once users have composed their story, they select the "Read" feature and the composition is played back to them. Unlike Story Time, there are no speech options to orally tell their story.

The Good: I really enjoy the simplicity of this app. It's straightforward yet has enough options to make the process of writing appealing for kids.  I also believe the app could be tantalizing for students in the writing workshop as they could aspire to publish their final draft and share their accomplishments with classmates (putting to good use the document camera).  Teachers will also appreciate how engrossed their students are throughout the writing process (my daughter is voluntarily writing a fictional story as I blog this).

The Bad:  Again, just due to the fact that the drawing/writing app can be a bit clunky for us neophytes, it could be a slight issue, although young children probably won't bat an eye.  The eraser feature is a little quirky in that it is laborious to get all of a mistake erased.  Lacks a speech recorder.

I give this app Thumbs Up 

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