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Friday, January 28, 2011


Hello world. I am a Reading Specialist working in an elementary school who is interested in the proliferation of digital technologies, particularly mobile devices, within the school setting. I am also a doctoral student studying Literacy and Language. Although I embrace the power of mobile technologies, such as the Galaxy Tablet and iPad, I am also troubled by the sheer amount of applications some of which are not rooted in sound instructional practice. Which ones are better for my child or students to use?

Therefore, my goal is to provide one review per week (possibly more, depending on my time) of an application that strives to teach children an aspect of reading. I will review both iPad apps which are tightly controlled by Apple as well as android apps which have less oversight by Google. I will ground my reviews in theory and best practice as opposed to looking at merely the aesthetics of these applications. Stay tuned for my first review!

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