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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Whiteboard HD

Whiteboard HD by Avici Software
Designed for iPad

As I wrote last week, I attempted to complete one of  my reading intervention lessons mainly using the apps downloaded on my iPad.  For the writing portion of the lesson, I used the app, Whiteboard HD.  Just as the names suggests, this app allows the child to write with their finger on a whiteboard style screen. Users can choose from various backgrounds including grid, lines, plain, or picture sync. I chose plain.  There is also the option to make diagrams with shapes and lines, import images, and change the color of the writing font.  Once work is completed it can be shared via email or Dropbox and displayed on an external monitor using a VGA adopter.

The Good:  This app operated just like a whiteboard. My student was able to write, erase, and eventually save his creation so we have an ongoing record of his work.  The option to have various colors, objects, and backgrounds was helpful although not necessary for the purpose of this particular lesson.  I also appreciated the fact that when he needed practice segmenting sounds in a difficult word, I was able to seamlessly move back and forth between his writing page and a "practice" whiteboard.  Sharing the pen was also a breeze.

The Bad:  For children, this is a difficult app because they simply need more space to write. When we got to the bottom of the screen, he ran out of room and was unable to finish his sentence.  There is no way to zoom out or scroll down or over for more whiteboard room. 

I recommend this app but not for use in a Reading Recovery lesson. It is better suited for the teacher as a means of demonstration or note taking.  Therefore, from an education standpoint...

I give this app a Sideways Thumb.

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