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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Reawakening My Blog

No, I didn't forget about my blog.  But I did take a break in order pursue a different interest for my dissertation research:  classroom discourse.  You see, this blog was originally intended as a way to launch a potential dissertation idea but my first intellectual passion won out and so the blog was put to bed.  Nevertheless, I have always been curious about technology and how it influences learning.  Arguably, teaching without embracing the power of technology is nearly criminal.  However, I also believe tech tools are too often lauded as the silver bullet for unnerving distraction from deeper issues that ail our schools.  My blog will move towards critical examination of digital teaching and learning (and of course I will still embed a few app reviews here and there). My ultimate goal is to help myself and others thoughtfully reflect on ways to move students forward with all of the tools that are available to us in the 21st century; human and otherwise.

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